Premium Amino Muscle by Alpha Science – Muscle Builder & Testosterone Booster with Powerful Amino Acids (BCAAs & EAAs) – Ideal for Weight Loss, Bodybuilding, Weight Lifting – 60 Vegetarian Capsules

  • PEAK PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE – Gain muscle quickly with our premium blend of essential amino acids (l leucine, l valine, l-isoleucine) necessary for muscle growth. Our blend of natural super enzymes promote proper blood flow. This allows much-needed oxygen to effectively reach your muscles during a workout.
  • WORKOUT LONGER AND HARDER – Increase your energy levels and stamina with proteolytic enzymes. Better circulation gives your body the oxygen it needs during a workout. Amino Muscle optimizes your body to work out, grow, repair and recover from exercises.
  • INCREASE METABOLISM, BURN FAT – Promotes weight loss and improves digestion by adding more natural enzymes to your body. The natural amino acids trick your body into burning fat for energy before burning protein, giving you a huge mental and physical boost while losing fat.
  • FAST RECOVERY, FEWER REST DAYS – Get rid of sore muscles and get right back in the gym to build stronger and leaner muscle. This muscle builder promotes proper blood flow to allow more oxygen to pump through your veins, reducing recovery time and increasing endurance.
  • IMPROVED MOOD AND CONFIDENCE – Increase your testosterone levels to perform at your best. Getting older doesn’t have to mean feeling older. Feel restored and revitalized! Experience increased energy, clarity and confidence while building muscle.

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Science of Alpha introduces Amino Muscle, a real, powerful and all-natural dietary supplement to support muscle growth and revive strength in the body. So, if you are looking for some daily dose of supplement to take with your healthy diet for increasing energy levels and muscle strength, this is the ideal product. Not just building up your muscles but it also aids in protein digestion and accelerates the metabolism rate. Thus, you can see controlling your weight too along with toning of your muscles. Its scientifically-proven composition with all organic ingredients makes it the best supplement for men of all ages. A pack of Amino Muscle comprises of 60 veggie capsules with 2 capsules recommended for consumption per day with a meal.

What’s in the Supplement?

Each of the Amino Muscle capsules is produced with natural enzymes along with

  • Essential Amino acids
    • Protease (Protease 3.0, Protease 4.5, and Protease 6.0)
    • Leucine
    • Valine
    • Isoleucine
  • Other ingredients include Calcium carbonate, hyppromellose, silica, and magnesium stearate.

Astonishing Benefits of Amino Muscle for You

Men can realize a major improvement in their strength and health aspects with the dietary capsules of

Amino Muscles

Muscle Building 

Science of Alpha brings this supplement to improve potency and endurance in men and help them live an enthusiastic life. Muscles become tenacious, toned, and will recover fast from injuries with fast repairing of fibers. So, any physical activity or training of any intensity will no more be painful to your body.

Increases Energy Levels

The major ingredients of the supplement contribute to boosting your energy levels. Its high potency formula keeps you going all through the day and helps to give your best performance in everything.

Burns Excess Fat

The enzymes and amino acids like Protease and Leucine help in breaking down the proteins in the body and synthesizing them. Thus, metabolism rate of your body will be improved.  It subsequently results in fast burning of excess fats and aids in weight management.

Why Amino Muscle is Better Than Other Men Dietary Supplements?

Unlike any other men dietary supplement, Science of Alpa’s Amino Muscle is 100% organic made with natural substances and so guarantees no to minimum side effects. Besides, it has to offer you many ‘additional benefits’ apart from muscle building!

  • Faster revival of energy after extreme physical activities
  • Remarkable improvement in the digestive process
  • Enhancement of mental health that helps men live in good spirits
  • Stimulation and improvement of blood circulation
  • Surprising improvement in sexual appetite that leads to good sex life

To Take Your Energy and Stamina to the Next Level, Get with the Habit of Consuming Amino Muscle Capsules Every Day.

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